Insecure S4 E3: Lowkey Thankful

Happy Monday everybody! This week’s episode really talked about the complexities of so many different types of relationships – romantic, platonic, and familial ties were all tested in this Thanksgiving episode. I’m worried about Issa and Molly y’all. I don’t even know whose side to be on. AND Lawrence and Condola are having problems?? So much happened. Let’s talk.

The episode kicks off with Lawrence practicing a conversation in the mirror. Once he was done hyping himself up to talk to his bosses, he went back out to his room to Condola (!!!!) who was in the bed. He kinda tried to coax her into some morning sex, but she told him she had to be somewhere. He asked her if she wants to spend Thanksgiving together, and she mentioned that she’s having Friendsgiving at her house and didn’t invite him. If I were Lawrence I would’ve left it at that, but he decided to invite himself to her house. After seeing the whole episode, this was definitely a clue that she’s not taking him seriously. This girl has NO family in LA and she still doesn’t wanna spend Thanksgiving with you? That’s a gigantic red flag. 

I thought it was sad to see Lawrence’s slight career troubles. His bosses canceled the meeting and then he found out 50% of the company is about to get laid off. He vented to Chad (my favorite) and told him he felt like he’s supposed to be moving up in the company, not worried about whether he’ll even keep his job. I thought it was great that Lawrence didn’t feel like he needed to keep up appearances in the same way that Chad did, but I don’t know if he was correct in saying that Condola doesn’t care about that stuff. Did she tell him that? Because she gives me the vibe that she definitely cares about all that stuff.

This episode gave us more of that natural Issa and Lawrence chemistry. They ran into each other at a restaurant and immediately went into joking and playing off each other’s energy like it was second nature to them. I thought it was cute, but Lord please don’t get these two back together. I don’t want to see it. Out of nowhere, Condola walks up on them and Issa heads out. That last look she gave them before heading out was telling – she seems a little jealous. 

We found out Molly and Andrew are exclusive! YAY! Molly has a good man, and I’m happy for her. Molly and Issa went grocery shopping and they both talked about the awkward relationships they have with their parents. Issa doesn’t like her mom’s new man, and Molly is still mad at her dad for being a cheater. Out of nowhere, Issa started hitting Molly with passive aggressive comments, and Molly started throwing them back. It was uncomfortable to watch. They’re not even mad at each other, they’re just … not working anymore. It was nice to see them acknowledge that something was off, but they didn’t actually discuss anything. For whatever reason, they decided to talk this out on Thanksgiving over pie. That made no sense to me, but they just dropped the conversation and kept it moving.

It’s finally Thanksgiving and we’re at Condola’s house. Lawrence got there early and they were talking, but it’s clear that Condola doesn’t get his sense of humor yet (red flag #2?). Maybe she just needs to adjust to it? Or maybe they’re just not that compatible outside of the bedroom. To me, it seemed like Condola’s friends weren’t really Lawrence’s crowd. ESPECIALLY when he felt like he had to lie about his job being safe, which he didn’t even know was true. 

At Molly’s house, things were awkward. She was avoiding her dad, her brother was ready to be the dad for someone else’s kid, and she wasn’t sure if Issa would even show up. She showed Andrew to her mom and brother and they immediately started cracking jokes. It seemed like the combination of harboring anger towards her dad and feeling numb towards Issa was weighing on her. 

The awkwardness reached its peak in Condola’s living room. One of her friends (played by queen Robin Thede) got crazy drunk, and she told Lawrence that she was so glad Condola met him because she needed something “casual.” Hm. It was obvious that Lawrence saw Condola as a potential girlfriend, but suddenly he wasn’t sure if she saw him in the same way. To top it off, Condola says that she never wants to get married again – so where are they going with this?

Issa and her brother ditched Thanksgiving with the family to get fajitas and margaritas at a local restaurant. Issa basically blew off Molly to do what she felt like doing. I would say that there’s really no problem with that, except they were supposed to work out their friendship and Issa just ignored it. This whole situation is conflicting for me. On one hand, Issa isn’t showing up for Molly and she’s not making their friendship a priority. But Molly also isn’t that supportive of the block party and she was the one who started making the shady comments. To be honest I don’t think either one of them is wrong, but it seems like they need a friend break. I’ve dealt with similar situations, and it’s hard to figure out how to break off a friendship when there is no big argument or major transgression. If you’re just not feeling it anymore, what do you do? If you figure it out, let me know. 

What did y’all of think of Issa finally admitting that Lawrence and Condola bother her? I mean, WE ALL KNEW THAT, but it was good to see her be honest. I know that her feelings are a reality for many women – it’s frustrating when you stay with a man through your 20s where he’s a mess and is still figuring it out, just for y’all to break up and he takes all the lessons he learned from you to be better to someone else. I think her feelings are valid, but she should get over it. That’s how life works – people grow and mature and they change. If Lawrence is being a better man for someone else now that he’s older and wiser, Issa should just be happy for him and move on.

The show cuts back to Condola’s kitchen, and Lawrence was mopping this woman’s floor, y’all. Maybe Issa should be mad. Not only is he mopping her floor, he’s mopping her floor and she doesn’t even want him for a boyfriend. Okay she didn’t say that, but that seemed like the consensus by the end of their conversation. She acted shocked when he asked her if she was taking him seriously (she didn’t confirm that she actually was taking him seriously though). She also didn’t really answer the question when Lawrence asked if she was over her ex-husband. She expertly turned it back on him and told him she didn’t like that he and Issa were so cool with each other and had the same friends. She then asks if Lawrence would still be with her if she hadn’t cheated on him, which to me is a pointless question. Of course he would be. But she DID cheat, so what’s the point in imagining if she didn’t?

The episode ends with Lawrence watching Issa’s story AND replying to the story. It shows Issa typing, but it doesn’t confirm if she sends him a response. I don’t know what’s going on here, but I don’t like it. I hope they’re cool, but I don’t want them to get back together. There are so many things going on here and so many relationships that are on the brink of falling apart. I can’t wait for next week.

What do y’all think? Are you Team Issa or Team Molly? Should Lawrence and Condola break up? Is she out of his league? Do you want Issa and Lawrence to get back together?? Let me know what you think below! I’ll be back next Monday with another review. Please also check out my latest book review that also came out today! Thank you so much for reading.

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