Insecure S4 E4: Lowkey Losin’ It

Y’all, this episode really hit me. So many things are going on, and I don’t know how to feel about any of it. Did anyone else catch that Tiffany’s baby might not be Derek’s? They weren’t planning the pregnancy, and it doesn’t look like either one of them? Seems suspicious to me. 

This was the first episode of the season without Condola in it. Not only is she not physically there, she’s not answering Issa’s texts and calls. It’s like she disappeared – almost like Nathan. It seemed like Issa was forgetting a lot this episode. She forgot about the water for her entire apartment complex (I almost forgot she was the property manager) and she forgot about the flyers for the block party. As always, I’m conflicted about Issa this season. She’s missing all this friend stuff because she’s “busy,” but she’s not even good at being busy! She’s forgetting all the stuff she needs to get done, so what is she even doing?

Molly and Andrew are a full-blown couple! They’re going on dates and everything – when Molly has time. For me, it’s hard to tell if Molly’s really into Andrew or if she just wants to be in a relationship. Even if you’ve never been in a relationship before, I feel like you’d be doing whatever’s necessary to see your significant other because you want to see them. She definitely gave off the vibe that she wasn’t willing to make time for Andrew, so I didn’t understand why she was mad when he made plans with his friends after their dinner. She’s never available anyway, so why should he put his whole life on hold? I hope that she really took their conversation to heart and makes an effort to prioritize him. Molly, please don’t mess this up! I want this to work for her.

I strongly identify with Issa as the friend who keeps missing things. I’m not proud of it, but I know I’ve been that person. Tiffany and Derek have had their baby, and Issa is the last one to come see baby Simone. She also doesn’t really stay that long. She does make some time to talk to Lawrence out in their driveway, where they *almost* address the Condola issue, but Issa gets a phone call before he can share the news with her. Once she finds out ScHoolboy Q has canceled, Lawrence holds off on telling her the news. I need to know what he was going to tell her! Did Lawrence and Condola break up?? Are they still together but they agreed to cut Issa out of the picture?? They’re so on point with the cliffhangers this season, and I can’t wait to see what happens with this love triangle.

Things are looking pretty bleak for Issa and Molly, y’all. They can’t even communicate effectively about a parking space, so I know their friendship is in trouble. Issa has been missing Self Care Sundays, and Molly has been so busy with work that she’s saying it’s not a big deal. Molly was hitting Issa with a ton of passive aggressive comments, including thinking that Issa left Tiffany’s house early to hook up with Lawrence. I didn’t like how Molly kept assuming that bad things were happening to Issa because she was so disorganized and dropping the ball on stuff – it seemed like she was indirectly calling Issa lazy. 

I think Issa wins for the worst display of friendship in the episode. When she called Molly and cut her off when she tried to open up to her, I was so disappointed. She’s been missing everything in their personal lives, and she only calls to get Molly’s help with something. I thought that was really selfish. BUT, I don’t know how I feel about Molly saying she wouldn’t ask Andrew. I understand not wanting to mix those two areas of her life, but I think the way she brought it up was kind of crappy. The episode ends with their phone call, and it seems like their friendship is at its end. I don’t know whose side to be on. 

What do y’all think?? Do you think Lawrence and Condola broke up? Do you want to see Nathan pop back up? Is Issa and Molly’s friendship beyond repair? Who do you think is wrong in their friendship? Do you think Tiffany had a baby with someone else?? Let me know what you think in the comments! Thank you so much for reading.

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