Insecure S4 E7: Lowkey Trippin’

I loved this episode so much. My new favorite character is Molly’s wig, it was so good! It was cool to see an episode that was completely about Molly with pretty much no interference from Issa. I wouldn’t be mad at a Molly spinoff. 

At the beginning of the episode we find out that Molly saw Issa coming at the end of the last episode, and she was really upset when Issa didn’t come in because she saw her sitting there. That kind of didn’t make sense to me – she didn’t want to see Issa, but she was mad when Issa didn’t want to see her either? She was back at it again with the passive aggressive comments about Issa, but Andrew quickly took her mind off their crumbling friendship. He’s a keeper. 

The bulk of this episode covers Molly and Andrew’s trip to Puerto Vallarta with Andrew’s brother and his wife/girlfriend (I don’t think they specified). Instead of giving y’all a timeline of what happened, I’m going to lay out what stood out to me throughout the episode: 

Andrew’s brother and his girlfriend are the people who get on my nerves on vacation. It’s vacation, what’s the point of getting up at 5 am and planning out every second of the day? At least some of the time should be to relax. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not the person who wants to sleep in ‘til noon and sit by the pool the whole week, but I feel like there’s a happy medium. You can go sightseeing without doing the most. Also, this episode confirmed why I would never want to go on vacation with another couple. If y’all aren’t on the same page about how to vacation, or if a fight ensues, then it could sour the whole trip.

Now about the argument between Molly and Andrew’s brother. Maybe I didn’t catch it (I watched this episode twice though), but we couldn’t see that the towel girl didn’t make those white people give her a key card. But maybe I missed it. If I were Molly, I would’ve just left to get the card. It’s not unusual for hotels to make people show a card before they give a towel, even if the towel station is inside the hotel. I thought she was doing the most with her already, but the interaction with Andrew’s brother was interesting. 

I think both of them were wrong. On one hand, Andrew’s brother was gaslighting Molly heavy. I know that Asian people are people of color, but their struggle isn’t really the same as all the other minorities. We don’t hear about Asian Americans being disproportionately targeted by the police or being stereotyped as drug dealers and cartel members. I’m not saying Asian Americans don’t have problems at all, but they’re definitely not even close to being the same as black people. 

I agreed with Molly when she said that they’re only people of color when it’s convenient for them. It seems easier for Asian Americans to assimilate into white culture. If a child is biracial and has one Asian and one white parent, they’re white. I recognize that there are also many Asian Americans who feel very proud of their heritage and feel very connected to their culture, but I think they’re the only minority group in the U.S. who has the luxury of not really having to think about how race affects every interaction that they have with people. Because for many of them, it doesn’t. These are my opinions based on my observations of Asian Americans in the part of the U.S. that I live in, especially when I was in college. I don’t think the way Molly said it was conducive to a fruitful discussion, but I don’t think the meaning behind the statement was wrong.

With all that said, I think Molly blew the discussion up into something more serious than it needed to be. She was definitely wrong for storming off, and she was wrong for saying “fuck you” to his brother. I think she owed him an apology for that, but it seemed like everyone just catered to her anger. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. I understand that Andrew was trying to be a good guy, but I think he could’ve talked to her about apologizing to his brother. 

Speaking of Andrew, he’s such a good guy! He relaxes Molly, he backed her up during the argument, he’s clearly very sexually experienced, and he seems like a good counterbalance to Molly. I like him. He even knew to get off FaceTime with Nathan as quickly as possible. I didn’t really think much of that call, other than it seemed like another opportunity for Molly to be a hater. I wasn’t surprised that Issa was with Nathan. It did seem like Molly began to realize that she was being judgmental without having all the answers after she learned that Nathan disappeared because of mental health reasons. 

I was happy to see Molly finally call her therapist and schedule an appointment. This is progress, people! Molly has realized that she has trouble letting things go, and that she needs help. It’s hard to be mad at someone when you realize that they’re trying to do better. I wonder what she needs to let go of. Is it her friendship with Issa? Or does she want to work on letting go of petty arguments in general? That scene was a good reminder for me that I should probably do the same.

The episode ends with Molly and Andrew running into Lawrence at the airport. He’s just come back from “Frisco” – I couldn’t figure out if he meant San Francisco or Frisco, Texas, but I’m assuming it’s the former because of his tech job. Does this mean Lawrence is moving? I wouldn’t be completely mad at that, but how would he play into the show if he left? He also picks up a phone call at the very end and asks the person if they can get drinks. My immediate thought was Issa, but it is possible that it’s Condola. Who do y’all think it is?

I’m excited for these last three episodes. There’s no telling which direction everything will go. I’m hoping Issa and Molly make up, Issa gets a steady source of income, Lawrence moves away, and Daniel appears out of nowhere so that he and Issa can live happily ever after. How do you want to see this season end?


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