Insecure S4 E6: Lowkey Done

I’m not sure where we’re going with this, but I don’t think I like it. 

So the episode starts with Issa ignoring people’s phone calls and texts. She’s also not responding to any of the posts on the Facebook page for the block party. As much as I’d like to admonish Issa for avoiding people, I really can’t because I’m her. She’s me. We are each other. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by all the things you feel like you have to do or all the people you think you have to reach out to, and I understand Issa for just shrinking back and not wanting to do any of it. I’m not saying it’s right, but it is relatable. The only person she does talk to for a quick minute is Nathan, but their conversation doesn’t reveal much. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to think she was using him, but it’s unclear if she really just wants to convince herself of that. We still don’t know if they’ll start dating again, or if Molly and Issa will be friends again. 

There are 0 clues as to whether Issa is going to reach out to Molly or not. When she consults with her reflection (aka Mirror Bitch), she tells her that she should relax and allow Molly to reach out to her. I agree! Even though I think that Molly and Issa are both at fault for their friendship falling apart, I think Molly needs to apologize first. She started that unnecessary argument on Issa’s big night, and she’s the one who came at Issa with all the hurtful comments first. 

Clearly it really bothered Issa that Molly told her she uses people, because she spent a large chunk of the episode trying to prove to herself that she’s not selfish. I had never really thought about it before, but she definitely has been the taker in a lot of friendships and situationships on the show. Molly, Daniel, and Kelli have given Issa help without getting much in return from her. 

Issa starts with her attempts to do good by buying this pregnant woman’s groceries, except she doesn’t have enough money to buy them. Awkward. When that doesn’t work, she offers to give this man George a ride to Brea. I’m not really sure what we were supposed to learn from her ride with George, but it seemed like they spent a lot of time on the ride for an unclear purpose. The only thing that seemed obvious to me was that trying to be a good person can be really annoying, especially when the favor is for someone you don’t know.

After she drops George off, Issa goes to a sip and paint by herself. She sits with Kyla Pratt and two other girls and shares her gigantic jug of wine with them, and they all have a great time. After the sip and paint they invite her to the bar up the street, and they proceed to ditch her at the bar when she comes out from the bathroom. It turned out she was just part of their bachelorette party bucket list, and they left her with the bill. I felt bad for Issa. She was trying to put out the energy she wanted to receive, but she wasn’t getting it. Everyone was either getting on her nerves or using her, and it seemed like she really felt alone. 

Eventually Issa ends up at her mom’s house. She confirms that she wants to do another block party, but she seems unsure. Even though she doesn’t seem excited to be at her mom’s, she finally gets one of those mom hugs that makes her break down and open up. Her mom tells her that she’s entering a new season of her life, and she tells her that she’ll figure everything out. Issa says that she feels like she’s all over the place, and her mom reassures her. It was cute to see a mother-daughter moment on the show, and it seemed like Issa felt better after they talked.

After Issa reconnects with her mom, she gets another call from Kelli and she picks up. Kelli keeps pressing her and telling her she needs to call Molly, and that if they ignore the issue for too long then they might not be able to come back from it. I don’t think Issa needs to call Molly first, but I do agree with Kelli about avoiding friendship problems. Their friendship might not bounce back from this if they don’t get it together, but maybe that’s not a bad thing. They might be overdue for a friend break. I think Issa and Molly need to take a few months (maybe a year) apart and just figure out their own lives. After that, maybe they’ll both be in a place where they can actually be good friends to each other. And if not, oh well. Friendships run their course just like any other relationship, and maybe they’re headed in different directions. 

Speaking of different directions, Issa and Molly cross paths! Issa goes to get some food, but she sees Molly sitting at the bar alone right before she walks in. She wrestles with herself for a moment, and ultimately decides not to go in. The whole time this was happening I was screaming at the TV “GO IN!” but I guess she didn’t hear me. Then the episode ends. 

To be honest, this episode wasn’t my favorite. It was good to see Issa finally take some time to herself and actually respond to Facebook comments and make a loose commitment to do another event in Inglewood, but I don’t know what’s going on. If Issa’s not planning on getting a job, then when/how is she going to do another block party? What’s going on with Molly? Or Lawrence? Why is Kelli always holding Tiffany’s baby for her? I have so many questions, and I feel like this week’s episode didn’t reveal much of anything new. I’ll still be watching though! How did y’all feel about yesterday’s episode? What do you hope happens with the four episodes we’ve got left??

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