Insecure S4 E5: Lowkey Movin’ On

So we’re finally at the block party! Everything that’s happened so far has been leading up to this. To be honest, I was surprised because I thought that the block party wouldn’t take place until the last episode. What are we supposed to do now?? Does Issa have a plan for what she’s doing after this? Did she even get paid for this block party? Every episode this season has left me with more questions than answers by the end, and this one was no exception. Let’s get into it:

I’m not sure what’s going on with Issa and Nathan, but it looks like he’s back in her life. The episode starts with Nathan and Issa DMing back and forth in the middle of the night. She calls him and thanks him for his help (we don’t find out what he helped her with until later) and he mentions Molly. Issa says that she doesn’t fuck with Molly anymore, and the opening scene from the first episode finally makes sense. The dots are finally being connected. I can’t blame Issa for being upset with Molly this season, but I think she should take some responsibility too. Molly has shown up for Issa and helped her out during desperate times, and I think Issa at least owes her the benefit of talking it out before she writes her off. 

Cut to Molly getting ready for the block party with Andrew. It is abundantly clear that she doesn’t want to go, but she’s sucking it up and showing up because Issa’s her friend. In my opinion, this made Molly seem like the bigger person. I don’t think Issa would’ve shown up if it was Molly’s event. In fact, she didn’t show up! She didn’t go to Thanksgiving simply because she didn’t want to, even though she knew it was important to Molly. I know Issa’s been busy, but I think Molly shows up for Issa much more in their friendship, and she deserves credit for that. 

It’s finally block party day! Everything looks so official; I felt so proud of Issa for finally completing something and seeing it through ‘til the end. I felt like the way they worked Condola into the episode was kind of awkward – like she appeared out of nowhere, told Issa that she and Lawrence broke up, and then we never saw her again for the rest of the episode. Does this mean that Condola is out of the show for good? Because if she is, then what was the point of her only being on the show for five episodes? She either needs to get back together with Lawrence or fix her friendship with Issa, because originally it seemed like she was a new person who was here to stay. I found it really interesting that Lawrence wasn’t in the episode at all. I can’t wait to see if he’s going to try to rekindle their relationship. 

The most sensible thing that was said this entire episode was from Andrew. When he and Molly were at the block party and marveling at how much work Issa had done, he finally connected the dots. Issa’s been blowing Molly off because she’s obviously been very busy! DUH! Clearly this whole thing didn’t come together overnight, and Molly should really understand Issa because she was doing the same thing to Andrew LAST WEEK! It didn’t seem like Molly was that receptive to the comment he made, but at least he threw it out there. Hopefully Molly takes the hint and brings herself to apologize.

I think seeing Tiffany dodge motherhood is fascinating. She doesn’t want to leave the block party to take care of her daughter, she put down the breast pump and picked up some tequila shots, and she seems like she wants to go back to life before the baby. Maybe she wants to get away from the baby because it’s not her husband’s (I still firmly believe this!)? I don’t have children, but I think that the way Tiffany felt wasn’t uncommon. Not everyone loves the process of becoming a mother, and I think it’s cool that the show is highlighting how difficult the transition is for some women. I’m interested in seeing more, and I need to know if this is Derek’s baby.

At the end of the block party, it seems like all is well. Molly showed up for Issa (much to Issa’s surprise) and everything went smoothly. The big issue arises when Molly finds out that Issa went through Nathan to get to Andrew so she could secure a headliner. Molly is extremely upset about this, but to be honest I don’t understand why. I’ve been trying to defend Molly, but she was wrong in this argument. Molly tells Issa that she likes drama and insinuates that Issa’s messiness is why she wanted to keep her from Andrew in the first place. Molly’s timing was so wrong here – this is Issa’s big event and she had to make it about her feelings, which were kind of irrelevant because the party was already over and Issa didn’t mess anything up anyway. She should’ve let it go or waited until another day to bring this up.

That being said, Issa knew that asking Andrew to help her was going to make Molly mad. Even though she went through Nathan, I think it was wrong of her to deliberately go against her friend’s wishes. Issa’s been kind of selfish this season, and I don’t really like it. I did agree with her about Molly’s commitment to being miserable, which she’s brought up before. Sometimes people just need someone to tell them that so they can try to be more positive, but I think the way she went about it probably wasn’t well-received. They’re both so concerned about themselves that they can’t even have a productive conversation or understand the other person’s point of view. Overall I still think they’re both being bad friends to each other, but Molly should initiate the apology.

Now that the block party is over, I have no idea what’s going to happen during the second half of the season. Everything in the season 4 trailer has already passed, so who knows what’s going to happen from here? How did y’all feel about last night’s episode? Do you want Issa to get back with Lawrence, or try things out with Nathan? Are you on Molly’s side or Issa’s side? Do you think Tiffany will actually leave her daughter at the supermarket? Thank you for coming back to read another recap! 

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