Insecure S4 E2: Lowkey Distant

Y’all. ANDREW TOOK THE CAKE! Last night’s episode was titled Lowkey Distant, which was perfect for all the stuff that went down. It seems like this season is Molly vs. everyone else, and I feel for Molly. I really want to see everything come together for her, but as her love life comes together, her friendship with Issa falls apart. 

This episode was full of hints that Issa and Molly are about to cut things off. During the scene where all the girls are at Tiffany’s house for Halloween, Molly shares how she’s unsure about Andrew because he won’t open up. Even though he’s funny and the sex is amazing, she feels like she’s not really getting to know him. I don’t know if you caught it, but Kelli said “I’ve already heard this story” and Issa had NO IDEA that Molly had even slept with Andrew! How does her best friend not know that? Because she’s no longer Molly’s go-to person. 

Another thing that jumped out to me was the fact that their lives don’t really match up anymore, and they don’t even know when the other one is busy. When Molly calls Issa after Andrew walks out on her, Issa’s unavailable because she’s at a concert. And last episode, Molly didn’t pick up Issa’s call. It seems like they’re not able to be there for each other anymore. Their lives are sort of going in different directions right now, which is a real issue for a lot of friendships. On top of all that, it is abundantly clear that Molly doesn’t like Condola. 

Speaking of Issa and Condola, I think they’re making this whole thing messier than it needs to be. Clearly Issa and Condola are still pursuing a friendship that goes beyond business – Issa’s inviting her to lunch with Molly, and they’re joking about the weird stuff Lawrence does. They’ve agreed to try not to make things awkward, but that’s going to be nearly impossible. Once Lawrence found out that Condola was talking about him with Issa, things just got even worse. Now he’s all stressed because he doesn’t want Issa to influence how Condola sees him, so he has to go to his friends to figure out how to resolve this.

I was so hype to see Lawrence and Chad back together again! Chad and Kelli are two of my favorite characters, and every scene that has one of them in it is a winner (Derek doesn’t really entertain me, but it was nice to see him too). Lawrence kept going back and forth with them about how he should address the problem with Issa and Condola talking about him, and they basically told him to be upfront about it while being lowkey at the same time. What? I’m not sure how he came to the conclusion that having a secret meeting with Issa outside her apartment complex was the right choice, but I think that whole thing is gonna be a big mess. 

I can’t tell where they’re going with this whole Lawrence and Issa meeting up and talking on the phone thing. It seems like they’re over each other, but they also have chemistry that you can’t really ignore. AND Lawrence is telling Issa that Condola shouldn’t know he came to see her. So now Issa and Lawrence are keeping secrets from Condola – that’s a recipe for failure. After seeing this episode, I’m changing my mind about what they should do. I think Condola and Issa should be friends and Lawrence should be kicked to the curb. And Issa and Lawrence should never get back together. Ever. 

Real quick – Issa’s love life has been incredibly dry so far. There was another sweaty sex scene with TSA bae (have they even said his real name yet?) wherein he asked her to play with his booty hole. She obliged, and he had what looked like the greatest orgasm of his life. SO good that the condom slid off and shot up inside Issa’s cave of wonders. Afterwards, she looked so uncomfortable as she tried not to sniff her finger before she fishes out the condom from her tunnel of love. This scene was so hilariously cringey to me. It seems like her love life is going to be on the backburner this season, which is probably a good idea. I hope she doesn’t slip up and get pregnant or get an STI. 

Molly and Andrew were caught in a complicated conflict this week. Molly feels like Andrew doesn’t open up, Andrew feels like Molly is never satisfied. She insinuates that he has no depth, and he walks out on her mid-gumbo. I felt bad for Molly. I think that her desire to get to know Andrew wasn’t ridiculous or asking for too much. In the past she’s definitely been demanding, but it seems like she’s getting better. 

When Molly and Issa finally get together and are catching up during their hike, things go left. There’s no big explosion of anger and pent up feelings; it’s more like poking a little hole in a big balloon. It seemed like the official beginning of the deflation of their friendship. Issa makes a judgmental comment about Molly always finding fault (completely uncalled for in my opinion), and Molly seems hurt. Then, Andrew calls and they patch things up. They both apologize, and he tells her that he’ll try harder to open up and talk to her. 

The episode ends with Molly LYING about who she was just on the phone with – Issa was in a fight with a gnat so she didn’t hear Molly’s end of the call. That was the biggest sign to me that their relationship is near its end. She didn’t even want to tell her that she and Andrew patched things up. Issa tells Molly that she had to break things off with TSA bae because of the awkward condom situation and because he already has two kids, and Molly is just quiet. It seems like Issa and Molly are slowly switching places, and it’s clear that they’re in desperate need of a friend break. Or maybe they should just end the friendship altogether. 

What did y’all think of this week’s episode?? Should Issa and Molly take a friend break? Is that something you have to announce to your friend or should you be able to just fall back? Is Molly a fault finder? How do you feel about this Issa-Condola-Lawrence situation? Which of Issa’s past love interests would you want to see come back??

Thank you so much for reading! Feedback is always appreciated. I’ll be back next week with another review!


2 thoughts on “Insecure S4 E2: Lowkey Distant

  1. When Issa made that comment at Molly during the hike it was “revenge” for Molly’s comment at the mixer about her wanting her life to be messy by remaining friends with Condola. I think that was the beginning of the demise. Issa held on to that hurt and when the opportunity presented itself she said it back almost in the same exact form as Molly did.

    Loved your take on the episodes! Can’t wait to read them as the season continues.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so true! I didn’t notice that. So Issa’s being passive aggressive again – I was hoping she had grown past that lol.
      Thank you so much! I appreciate you for reading.


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